MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Monday 16th of July 2018
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Regional Coordination Unit

Regional Facilitation Unit of the MedWetCoast Project

The project addresses biodiversity conservation in coastal and wetland sites of global importance, situated in 5 countries/Authority of the Mediterranean region. Priority actions include the development of innovative legal frameworks; development of intersectoral management structures able to address complex land management issues; capacity building, and, the promotion of a regional network able to exchange experience, providing economies of scale and the transfer of innovative components of the project within the region. The project will develop the structures and networks required by:

-  promoting interministerial coordination and policies at local and national level to address root causes of biodiversity loss;
-  implementing sustainable development activities in 15 key pilot sites containing globally threatened biodiversity;
-  sensitising, training, and associating stakeholders and building links within the region.

Regional Project Document
Regional Project Document of MedWetCoast Project
Monday 1 January 2007
Project has ended

Capacity Building
Wednesday 27 April 2005
Des élus méditerranéens se rencontrent...
Friday 1 April 2005
Training focal points activities:
Saturday 17 April 2004
MedWetCoast National Training Focal Points Platform
Friday 2 April 2004
MedWetCoast National training forecast
Tuesday 16 December 2003
National Training Focal Points Meeting
Wednesday 20 November 2002
Training CD-ROM for trainers of protected area management planning
May 2002
Dans le cadre du projet MedWetCoast, des décideurs de haut niveau effectuent un voyage d’étude en France.
March 2002
Formation régionale de formateurs sur le plan de gestion
March 2002
Regional training of trainers on management planning
March 2002
Wetland training course at Azraq Oasis, Jordan, March 2002
February 2002
Training module for Trainers on Management Planning
January 2002
Use of the MedWet Inventories Methodologies within the MedWetCoast Project
December 2001
Rapport d’activités : Missions d’initiation du projet et appui méthodologique
January 2001
Initiation du projet MedWetCoast
January 2001
Activities report : Initiation missions and technical support of the Regional Facilitation Unit
January 2000
Initiation of the MedWetCoast Project
Wednesday 10 August 2005
Rabat Regional Workshop: Management Plan Peer Review
Monday 8 August 2005
New TdV/MWC Publication: Integrated Management of Mediterranean Wetlands
Thursday 1 January 2004
Regional Coordination Unit > Documenting/reporting
September 2002
La durabilité dans le cadre du projet MedWetCoast
September 2002
Sustainability within the MedWetCoast Project
June 2001
Quelle stratégie de communication pour le projet MedWetCoast ?
March 2001
Stratégie de Suivi et d’établissement de Rapports dans le cadre du projet MedWetCoast
March 2001
Strategy for Monitoring and Reporting
February 2001
Manuel de Procédures du fonctionnement du projet MedWetCoast
February 2001
Manual of procedures of the MedWetCoast Project
December 2000
MedWetCoast Launching Workshop - Barcelona 12-15 October 1999
Management Planning Process
Monday 12 December 2005
Tuesday 12 July 2005
MWC Albania: MPPR Seminar, Moroco, June 2005
Thursday 27 March 2003
Synthesis on the progress of the "management plan process" at regional and national levels
Thursday 27 March 2003
Synthèse de l’état d’avancement du processus "Plan de gestion" des composantes régionale et nationales
January 2002
Note de cadrage pour la conduite des plans de gestion sur les sites du projet MedWetCoast
Thursday 21 April 2005
MWC RCU: references, training opportunities and contacts related to ICZM issues
Thursday 18 March 2004
National strategies and policies for wetlands
Thursday 1 January 2004
Regional Coordination Unit > Policies
Regional networking
Wednesday 1 December 2004
Report of the fourth Regional Advisory Committee
Wednesday 19 November 2003
Report of the third Regional Advisory Committee
Tuesday 17 December 2002
Report of the Second Regional Advisory Committee of MedWetCoast Project
Monday 16 December 2002
Rapport du Second Comité Consultatif Régional du Projet MedWetCoast
May 2001
Rapport de la première réunion du Comité Régional Consultatif
Friday 13 April 2001
Report of the First Regional Advisory Committee
Site Diagnosis
March 2002
Directives pour mener à bien les études sur le diagnostic des sites
March 2002
Guideline for Site Dignosis studies
February 2002
MedWetCoast Meeting on Site Diagnosis
August 2001
Regional Analysis of the site diagnosis
August 2001
Analyse régionale du diagnostic de sites
April 2001
Guideline for site diagnosis reports
April 2001
Directives pour les rapports de diagnostic de sites
February 2000
Réunion MedWetCoast sur le diagnostic de sites
Socio-economic approach
Tuesday 13 December 2005
Socio-Economics and Conservation of Mediterranean Coasts and Weatlands
Saturday 1 January 2005
MedWetCoast Workshop of Socio-Economic Practitioners
March 2001
Ressources et usages d’une zone humide et d’un écosystème côtier en région Méditerranéenne : 5 étapes pour un diagnostic socio-économique simplifié

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