Fauna study (Spiders, Scorpions)
Arachnida analysis of El-Burullus Protectorate

December 2001

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The aim of this report is to display the obtainable data related to spiders, scorpions and other arachnids of the different sites selected in El-Burullus Protectorate. All specimens were collected in September using two collecting methods : 1. Hand collecting and 2. Pitfall traps. The identification of specimens was executed in the light of the available taxonomical knowledge, taking in consideration that the group of Arachnida is poorly studied in this geographical area. This study of arachnids in El-Burullus Protectorate is the first one and the species here mentioned are recorded for the first time from this region. These records are here compared with literature on Egypt.

Comparison between different arachnid orders and comparison between numbers of ground spiders and numbers of insects in two collecting sites using pitfall traps are here presented.

There are no published works dealing with the arachnid fauna of El-Burullus Protectorate or even of the mediterranean coastal region of Egypt. Therefore, comparisons are here made with works generally dealing with Egypt.

Spiders of nine families were collected from the eight sites studied. Both hand collecting and pitfall trapping were used. The identification of the collected specimens with their numbers, method of collecting and sites of collection are in the following table.

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-  Report edited by Hisham K. El-Hennawy