First MedWetCoast regional technical seminar : "From site diagnosis to management planning"
Assessment report of the seminar organized in Zaranik - Egypt From 10 to 14 November2001

January 2002

par Web Team

As part of the regional training plan defined for the MedWetCoast project, the aims of the project’s first regional technical seminar (See programme in annexe 1) were to:

-  Make an assessment of the site diagnosis stage : Inventory (quality of the data, problems encountered, results obtained), validation of the data collected, identification of trends and major threats to sites and identification of subjects requiring more detailed studies.

-  Make use of the diagnosis results for managing the conservation value of the sites : Functional aspects of management planning; identification of urgent management actions and monitoring to be undertaken, start of management programmes and discussion of long-term objectives.

Analysis of the main comments by participants

The assessment of the seminar was made on the basis of questionnaires handed to participants. Nearly 50 questionnaires were handed out (in French or in English), and 41 questionnaires could be analysed. An analysis of the main comments made by the participants distinguished the strong and weak points and suggested areas for improvement. Direct questions also gave a measure of the degree of satisfaction. (see graphical presentation of the assessment questionnaires in annexe 3).

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