12 December 2005

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Peer Review of the MWC site management planning process


5 December 2005


The report was produced through a combined effort of Ms. Sylvie Goyet of the MWC Regional Coordination Unit and of the two consultants recruited for the Management Plan Peer Review initiative, namely Mr. Sami Ben Haj, Tunisia, and Dr Gérard Collin, France. It relies on the information gathered by the consultants, the exchange and the discussions at the regional MPPR workshop in Rabat in June 2005, the RCU experience with the process, and feedback received at various occasions, including MWC RAC5 meeting in Cairo in September 2005, and presentation at MedCoast Conference in Kusadasi in October 2005.

The report is by no means a guideline document; it is neither an exact picture of the national undertaking in each of the 15 or so protected area sites nor a series of recommendations for protected area managers to follow. Rather it is an account of the MedWetCoast process of site management planning and an illustration of some of the issues that came up and how these were addressed. When appropriate, some suggestions for dealing with the issues have been inserted and recommendations proposed.

The writers would like to thank the national project managers, Ms. Violeta Zuna (Albania), Dr. Esam El Badry (Egypt), Mr. Charbel Rizk (Lebanon), Mr. Habib Ben Moussa (Tunisia), Mr. Sami Qadan (Palestinian Authority) and Mr. Youssef Slaoui (Morocco) as well as their experts and staff for their support to the initiative and the time and assistance that they freely extended to the consultants when discussing the issues, completing the questionnaire or responding to the various queries and questions.

This report is part of the effort to document experience and draw lessons from the implementation of the MedWetCoast project.

The full report is available in PDF attached to this article.

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