Museum of Biodiversity to Open in Burullus

24 November 2005

par Inju Galal

A public museum for biodiversity, constructed by MedWetCoast-Egypt, will soon open its doors in Burullus protected area.

The museum is attached to the Burullus visitor’s center and will include referral collections of insects, plants, mammals and fish. It is expected to exhibit specimens of around 200 plant species, 33 marine species, 100 bird species and 15 mammal species.

The museum’s goal is to educate local youths on local biodiversity. "Seeing is believing," Project Manager Dr. Essam Elbadry said. Those who have not seen the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area will sure appreciate it and become more motivated to conserve it, after seeing it at the museum, he added.

It is worth noting that the Burullus visitor center was completed in 2004 and include lodging rooms for eco-tourists, an auditorium for public awareness and state of the art labs for monitoring activities. The museum will be the crowning component of this comprehensive complex.


Inju Galal

Inju Galal