New TdV/MWC Publication: Integrated Management of Mediterranean Wetlands

8 August 2005

par Web Team

The new MedWet Series publication (Number 13) on ‘Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands’ has recently been released ‘Integrated Management of Mediterranean Wetlands’ both in French and in English. Drafted and published in collaboration between the Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, the Institut de Recherches et d’Applications des Methodes de Developpement (IRAM) and the UNDP-GEF MedWetCoast project, the manual describes concepts, lessons and approaches for integrating conservation of wetlands into the broader territory and land use management. The document is organised around 3 sections:
-  1) a description of the specific characteristics of Mediterranean wetlands, from the social, economic as well as ecological, point of view and the major issues that warrant the case for protecting and improving the management of these areas,
-  2) a review of the concepts related to conservation, biodiversity protection and the relationship between environment and society and
-  3) the key practical questions related to the integrated management of wetlands. These are illustrated by a series of case studies and examples from Mediterreanean wetlands in different countries. The document is available from the Tour du Valat.


S. Goyet, Regional Coordinator

Web Team