Guideline for site diagnosis reports
Reporting methodologies for use for the site diagnosis activity

April 2001

par Web Team

According to the TORs, each specialist will follow a certain reporting guideline, depending on the specialisation in question (Flora and Fauna, Human activities and space utilization, Wetlands - Biodiversity, Hydrology)

A synthesis sheets per site and per country (Annex 2) have also been proposed in the TORs and should be followed by each country. This synthesis sheet is based on those proposed in some countries (ZNIEFF in France , ZICO and Natura 2000 in Europe , SIBE in Morocco ), but are not exactly the same.

Each country should make sure to conform to the national regulations for reporting about each site, if they exist, for example, SIBE in Morocco, adoption of European regulation in Albania. However, if such national regulations don’t exist, the site diagnosis reporting should be limited to the guidelines proposed in the TORs (which are very comprehensive to start with).

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