MWC Albania: Training and public awareness activities

26 January 2005

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A very important activity was the preparation and organization of the training in Vlora with all stakeholders and NGOs on issues related to development of ecotourism from 16 -20 October 2004. The theme regarded two training modules on coastal zone management, which were delivered and made available to participant in coordination with expertise from TdV. Several local representatives, apart of NGOs participated in this training (representatives local institutions, NGOs, District Council, Novosela Commune, Orikumi Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Vlora University, AULEDA etc).

A significant development has been noticed as cooperation and collaboration with other donors and programs such as GTZ, and REC, with a common concern on environmental protection. As a result the second report on Urban Planning Instruments and Territorial Governance (for the areas of Orikumi Lagoon; National Park of Llogara and Karaburun; Narta Lagoon and Zverneci area; Vjosa River Delta and Pishe-Poro) is finalized through a cooperation with GTZ/COPLAN, as part of MP documents. While a project on cleaning up and territory arrangements in Zverrneci Island is commencing through a financial support received by REC to a local NGO (ADRIATIKU).

Another important training activity was the preparation and organization of the two-day training in Novosela and Orikumi respectively. The theme of the training in both places was dedicated to "management of the PA and National parks" whereby several local stakeholders and representatives of the local authorities and institutions were invited to participate and attend the workshops.

Other exchange of experiences and cooperation with local NGOs like "KARABURUNI" and "Organic Agriculture" has targeted problems related to agriculture development and stock-breeding .in the project sites.

This cooperation was formalized through mutual assistance in rehabilitation of hydrotechnic works in Karaburunui Peninsula (water-bearing -strata) for improvement of the water supply to livestock and wild life in there, establishment and operation facilities for milk processing, production of traditional cheeses as well as conducting public awareness campaign and activities for the exceptional values of some food products in the area (mainly fish, dairy, horticulture) and medicinal plants.

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