MWC Egypt: Health Visits Omayed and Zaranik

17 January 2005

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(JPEG) Stemming out of MedWetCoast’s efforts to supply services unavailable to local communities, who are the primary benefactors of natural resources, and within efforts to apply the participatory approach which considers local communities a main axis in environmental conservation, the project organized a veterinary campaign to Zaranik and a medical campaign to Omayed.

The veterinary campaign was held in Zaranik on 5 - 7 October, 2004, in coordination with the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine, Menofeya University. (JPEG) Sixteen veterinarians and 15 students examined around 1200 cases of locals’ livestock. They predominantly administered antidotes and inoculations, in addition to conducting some minor surgeries.

The medical campaign was held in Omayed on 29 Sept.- 1 Oct., 2004, in coordination with the Faculty of Medicine, Menofeya University. Around 23 doctors from various specializations participated. The campaign was largely successful, thanks to the project’s efforts in supplying transportation to and from remote areas. (JPEG) Hence, 662 cases were examined, many of whom received free medication. The highest incidence proved to be eye infections, particularly amongst children.

The medical campaign was the second of its kind, preceded only by one to Zaranik in September 2002. On the other hand, the veterinary campaign was the third of its kind; the second having been to Omayed in March 2004, while the first to Zaranik in July 2002.

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