MWC Egypt: Journalists Learn of Wetlands

17 January 2005

par Web Team

(JPEG) Within its efforts to spread awareness of the importance of wetlands and to mobilize public opinion towards their conservation, the project held a workshop for journalists, on 10 January 2005, in Cairo.

Around 40 journalists, mostly from the environmental sections of most national newspapers, attended. Addressing the audience were Chief Project Advisor & Renowned Ecologist Dr. Mohamed El Kassas, Project Manager Dr. Esam Elbadry, Socio-Economic Advisor Dr. Magda Ghoneim, Ornithologist Dr. Mahmoud Sarwat, and the three protected area managers PAMs .

(JPEG) The workshop addressed the cultural, economic and environmental importance of wetlands. It also introduced the journalists to the importance of socio-economic development and its relationship to sustainable environmental conservation. More importantly, it paved the way to the World Wetlands Day WWD, soon to come.

The workshop succeeded in fulfilling its objectives, as reflected by discussions and questions from the floor. At the end of the workshop, most journalists expressed a newly-found appreciation and understanding of wetlands, which they wished to pass onto their readers.

Web Team