Wetschool 2004
Ichkeul, Tunisie

Première publication : 19 June 2004
Mise en ligne :
13 June 2004

par Sylvie Goyet

Wet School is a training course on the conservation and management of freshwater and wetlands in the Mediterranean region organized by Across the Waters, the WWF MedPO Capacity Building Programme Office. This year, Wet School is taking place in the National Park of Ichkeul (Tunisia) from the 13th to 19th of June in partnership with ANPE (l’Agence National de Protection de l’Environnement) and INAT (l’Institut Tunisien d’Agronomie).

Wet School 2004 represents the first training course in the framework of the newly established Mediterranean Freshwater NGO Network for Capacity Building - the MedWet/NGO Network. A mix of interactive lectures and field sessions have been planned in order to allow participants to gain knowledge on FW and wetlands quantitative/qualitative pressures, IRBM as management framework, and key issues of wetland management planning. The final aim is to improve participants daily conservation work, and encourage them to share their skills and field experiences with others..."we believe that this course will be a great opportunity to enhance capacity and make important connections..." ( representative from EGEDOGA, Turkish NGO)

There will be 16 participants (from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, and Bosnia Herzegovina). They will represent not only Mediterranean NGO’s but also other key freshwater and wetland stakeholders. Lecturers will be from WWF MedPO, WWF Spain, WWF Turkey, the Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat, INAT and ANPE.

Across the Waters thank ANPE and INAT for their precious collaboration.

-  For further information, please, contact:

Raffaele Mancini
Freshwater Capacity Building Officer
WWF Mediterranean Programme Office,
phone: +34 93 305 6252
fax: +34 93 278 8030

Sylvie Goyet