Facilitator Guide to Participatory Development Communication (in arabic)
From Information Dissemination to Community Participation - من نشر المعلومات إلى مشاركة المجتمع دليل الميسر للاتصال التنموي بالمشاركة
تأليف: جي بيسيت ترجمة وإعداد مركز خدمات التنمية

17 February 2004

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The Facilitator Guide to Participatory Development Communication was written by Guy Bessette and translated into Arabic by the Center for Development Services. It is about facilitating stakeholder participation through communication in participatory natural resource management research. It is intended for members of research teams, their partners in the communities, and practitioners involved in community-based natural resource management.

This guide offers an introduction to concepts and methodologies for making this process effective. It is intended to help research teams and development organizations active in natural resource management to improve two-way communication with local communities and in using it as a tool to facilitate stakeholder participation in natural resource management research and initiative.

The guide consists of four parts. The first part is an introduction to participatory development communication, participation, and research-action and defines the roles of research teams and practitioners in using communication to facilitate stakeholder participation.

The second part introduces methodological approachs for planning communication strategies, which consists of ten steps which start with approaching the local community and ends with planning the dissemination of results inside and outside the local community.

The third part deals with participatory evaluation of communication activities, which offers an approach and some suggestions as to the kind of evaluation questions that may be relevant when taken in context. The fourth part discusses some lessons drawn from experience and encourages the reader to note his own observations.

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P.S. Source : Center for development services (CDS)