Albufera International Biodiversity Group
Training on data collection and monitoring for biodiversity and environmental change
Mallorca - Spain

Première publication : 16 April 2004
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3 April 2004

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The Albufera International Biodiversity Group (TAIB) invites competent volunteers to assist in data collection and monitoring for biodiversity and environmental change.

Topics to be covered during the 15 day fieldwork will include: Human and management impact studies ; Biodiversity studies including fauna and flora survey with reference collections ; Habitat descriptions, Ecological and monitoring studies - transects ; park management; Interpretation and education.

Venue : Parc Natural de S’Albufera. Mallorca, Baleare Islands. The wetland and dune complex of S’Albufera is a conservation area, protected as a Natural Park by Balearic government decree. Its world importance is recognised in a series of designations, including Ramsar site and European Union Special protection Area (SPA).

Date : 2 options:
-  a) 3rd to 16th April 2004 (departure day 17th) and
-  b) 17th to 30th April 2004 (departure day 1st May)

Course fee : $ 400 per person. The course fee includes all course related expenses, as well as accommodation. Participants must get their medical insurance in their home countries.

-  Mrs Naïk FAUCON (ATEN)

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