Wetlands International & RIZA Booklet
Socio-Economics of Wetlands

12 January 2004

par Web Team

This booklet gives a brief introduction to the social and economic values of wetlands. It has been written predominantly for the benefit of managers, planners and decisionmakers in government agencies in developing countries, who are responsible for charting the future of wetlands.

The booklet defines wetlands and wetland types, and gives an overview of the various values that wetlands may have and the reasons why these values are often disregarded. It provides guidelines on when wetland valuation is called for, and how this valuation can be performed. It concludes with an introduction to the economic instruments that can be used to address the gap between the perceived and actual value of a wetland.

Included are six case studies from developing countries that are based on sound economics. They address different wetland types and values and highlight the need for valuation as well as the issues of equity and financing.

After reading this booklet, we hope that wetland managers and decision-makers will be able to form an opinion about the value of their wetland(s) and confidently embark on a process of identifying and quantifying them.

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P.S. Source : Wetlands International Website