Values and function of wetlands

19 December 2003

par Charbel Rizk

We are all working with wetlands and we all know that they have values and function. However, it would be interesting to put a Dollar (or any other currency) value to these values and functions. Simple economics will tell us that there direct and indirect values etc...The thing to do I think is to start gathering up those values and develop ultimately numbers that can be translated into money signs. We have started this exercise for Tyre Coast Nature Reserve. So far, we are at a value of 1 million dollars per year and counting. We are also starting up for Aamik. Ramsar, MedWet and MedWetCoast have developed valuable documents on this issue but I have not seen the value yet of conserving sea turtles...Any views on the above are most welcome.

Charbel Rizk