Life third project : Lebanon
Stable institutional structure for protected areas management
Duration: 01 JAN 2004 to 01 AUG 2006

24 November 2003

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The number of protected areas (PAs) in Lebanon has increased from three in 1996 to 10 in 2002. However, sites have been defined on an ad hoc basis, and their management does not fall into a wider national strategic vision. The identification and agreement on institutional arrangements for the integrated management of PAs would pave the way for the adoption of a strategic planning for PAs In Lebanon.

Project Objectives

The project aims to identify and institutionalise a proper and approved structure for the management of PAs at micro and macro levels. The main actions will be:

-  A strategic review of best practice in protected areas management and development, including policy options, legal, administrative and financial implications;
-  The preparation of a PAs Action Plan, including monitoring and evaluation procedures and indicators; and
-  A pilot implementation of key elements of the PAs Action Plan to fine tune and adjust the Plan.

Beneficiary: Ministry of Environment - Antelias70-1091 - 961 Beirut - Lebanon

Project Manager: Berj Hatjian (Tel: 4 961 522 222)

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