CoastGIS 2003 : Fifth International Symposium on GIS and Computer Cartography for Coastal Zone Management
Genova, Italy

Première publication : 18 October 2003
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16 October 2003

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CoastGIS is a well-known major event in the field of the application of GIS and the related technologies to coastal and marine issues. It is held once every two years under the joint scientific sponsorship of the Commission on Coastal Systems of the International Geographical Union (CCS/IGU) and the Commission on Marine Cartography of the International Cartographic Association (CMC/ICA) The CoastGIS Symposium convenes a common forum of coastal specialists and of GIS experts and technical operators with the opportunity for exploiting the complementarity and the interdisciplinary aspects of these two domains.

In particular it is expected to:
-  activate a transfer of knowledge and of experience between expert scientists and practitioners, even including the young researchers, helping as well the possibility of mutual collaboration, in an actionopen to the users (Administrations, Authorities, technical companies)
-  collect the expertise of scientists, demonstrating it as a support for knowledge and decision in a wide range of coastal applications where geo-information plays a roleexploit the catalyst role of GIS tools as integrators in the problems of Coastal Zone Management.

CoastGIS 2003 is conceived and structured to foster an increase in knowledge of GIS technology and usability for technical people and for researchers in the field, Considering the potential interest for the Conference by people who are not "GI experts" such as researchers not directly involved in the use and management of geo-related data, or decision makers and planners in Administrations and Local Bodies, it is expected a meaningful improvement in awareness of GI methods and techniques and of their usability in the coastal sector as a holistic tool for integrated management.

Moreover, another important goal of CoastGIS 20030 is to display not only scientific advancement but as well examples of Best Practice, for example:

-  improvement of capacity in coastal problems
-  evaluation and a better understanding of human impactsupport to the organisational development in this field, also with development or improvement of new services
-  improvement of the educational framework towards professionals, and training programmes in the coastal field.

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