A Trainers’ Manual for Integrated Coastal Management Capacity Development

19 September 2003

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"A Trainers’ Manual for Integrated Coastal Management Capacity Development" is an output from the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Training (ICZOMAT) Project funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

This manual is designed for organisations and individuals who wish to develop a training programme for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM). ICM presents a number of chal-lenges for a trainer: How to prevent single disciplines and sectors from dominating the teaching agenda; how to present a process for ICM that provides opportunity for inputs from all; and deciding teaching styles, methods and content that promotes a vision of the reality of coastal issues focussed on the uses and users of coastal resources? The manual text provides guidelines for an approach to ICM, and the development, operation and provision of a capacity building programme that can assist in the strengthening of ap-proaches to ICM.

Outline of Manual content Chapter 1 introduces the concept of ICM as an instrument to support sustainable development of coastal zones, considers the need for ICM in the South and South East Asian region and the requirements for ICM capacity building in the region.

Chapter 2 provides a background and rationale for the training methods used in the manual and introduces a framework and supporting tools for training in ICM that un-derpins the training approach.

Chapter 3 gives an overview for the organisational and management needs for the im-plementation of a capacity building programme for ICM.

Chapter 4 outlines the Training of Trainers programme including detailed outlines for eight sessions that make up the programme.

Chapter 5 provides detailed guidance to the delivery of the short course programme in-cluding suggestions for the content of 13 individual short course sessions, the conduct of fieldwork and a participant’s project report.

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