School children project Initiative
Awareness Campaign in Tyre Coast Nature Reserve on cultural and natural heritage initiated by the Lebanon MedWetCoast Team
Almost 1200 school children between the ages of 8-16 years old attended

31 July 2003

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(JPEG) School children awareness campaign was launched on World Environment Day. The awareness campaign lasted for four days, from Thursday 5th of June 2003, till Tuesday the 10th of June 2003. The campaign has made the local community more aware about the importance of the cultural and natural heritage of Tyre city and the reserve. School children were targeted due to the long term importance of sensibilizing the new generation.

All local private and public schools in Tyre, Saida, Nabatiyeh and the surrounding villages, as well as some schools in Beirut were contacted.

(JPEG) This campaign was a good example of fruitful partnerships between the MoE MedWetCoast, the GAC, UNDP/UNV and an NGO TERRE LIBAN that aimed at mobilizing children and their parents into protecting the resources of Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Almost 1200 school children between the ages of 8-16 years old attended.

The campaign involved sang conferences and lectures provided by children animators specialized in environment, from the NGO T.E.R.R.E -LIBAN.

Several topics were covered by the animators using exhibit material (exhibited in the conference room starting Tuesday 29) that covers the following topics:

-  Importance of the reserve and nature conservation
-  Boundaries and location of the reserve
-  Important water birds
-  Sea turtles
-  The historical importance of the reserve and Tyre; Murex and Cadmous and trade.
-  Dolphins
-  Threat to the reserve; solid waste, conventional farming, wastewater pollution and human threats.

Attached are the comments (in arabic) of the schools that attended the campaign if you would like to review

The children in the picture below did a very unexpected thing... We had finished the session and they were leaving for their bus when they started running around and removing the garbage on the beach without us asking for it. They filled ten trash bags and left for their school...

Paul Abi Rached singing with the children

Paul Abi Rached singing with the children (JPEG)

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-  Hiba Rteil, MedWetCoast Site Coordinator, Tyre Coast Nature Reserve.