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COASTBASE : The Virtual European Coastal and Marine Data Warehouse
CoastBase is an open system architecture for integrated, distributed coastal and marine information search and access within Europe and mediterranean countries.

13 May 2003

par Web Team

Coastbase is an internet based system that aims to improve search, access and manipulation of data and information within Europe. The current version is not an operational system, but a prototype developed within an European research project. 11 Partners ranging from IT companies, governmental water management institutes and international non governmental organisations worked on it. The general idea is that someone looking for information would like to find all he wants using one interface for searching, accessing and manipulating data whereby the data themselves are kept on their place of origin.

When developing the system, the starting point was to have a self-explanatory system for which no extensive help function is ncessary. After starting up, you see two main screens under five buttons general buttons. You always start in the Search module. In the left screen you can make the choice for the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHO of what you’re looking for. In the right screen you can select the specific items that you want to search (use the >>). After clicking `execute’ Coastbase will start to search.

Essential for using the system is that you are aware this is a prototype that aims to demonstrate the possibilities of new technologies (distributed data sources and data catalogues). There is only a limited amount if data and information accessable in the current version for two scenarios.

Eutrophication assessment

-  Four data sources are connected

1 ICES: maps of eutrophication of marine surface water
2 JRC: satellite images of turbidity of surface water
3 IMR: measurement data
4 DONAR: measurement data on eutrophication.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Information is uploaded for various aspects of ICZM. These data and information should be sufficient to assess the use of this technology.

Further note that the prototype was first delivered in August 2001. In the period until December 2001 it will be improved. There are still bugs in the system and there is a long list of additional wishes (to be linked here later). Sometimes the system works slow. Please check the speed of your Internet connection before giving feedback. That is the last and nice feature of Coastbase: it allows to give feedback both to data originators and system managers easily.

Long-term objectives

-  to improve coastal zone management and planning throughout Europe by enhancing access to relevant information
-  to foster pan-European cooperation on information exchange
-  to promote the standardisation of data
-  to stimulate the assessment of indicators on European level

Web Team

-  Access to the CoastBase Server
-  The Web server is available in french