Management planning Quarterly report
Albanian quarterly report on the progress of Orikumi, Karaburun, Llogara (national park) management plans
Period from: January 2003 to March 2003

30 April 2003

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Expected results , indicators , results achieved on Orikumi, Karaburun, Llogara protected areas and corrective measures must be done in light of problems faced during the development process of the Albanian project. These measures should allow an improvement in the implementation of the management plan.

Expected results

Indicators Results achieved Problems faced Corrective measures
Setting up the team responsible for the management plan Designation of the local teams, definition of their terms of reference and timetable Local teams experts and facilitators are defined. Terms of reference and timetable are defined. They are on stand by position because project activities are interrupted. Project must resume and assistance from an international expert is needed.
Participate diagnosis with stakeholders and interested parties Local committees, private and public meetings, workshops, participative diagnosis surveys conducted with users, etc.
4.02.03, Orikumi municipality representative, demolition of illegal constructions at project areas.
Municipality, County Council and Construction Police will work together to demolish illegal constructions according to the decision of National Territory Council.
05.03.03, university representative, involvement at the project. Possibility of involvement of the University staff at project activities once the project resumes.
26.03.03, forest service directorate representatives, on Llogara issues. Observation of the spread of procesionaria damager and drying up of pine trees at the National park of Llogara.
Meeting with fishermen of Orikumi lagoon, to hear their problems related to fishing and the lagoon. A great concern for the fishermen is dysfunction of the little channel sea-lagoon, and the illegal fishing with explosives. The rehabilitation of the actual channel. Reopening of the old channel actually blocked. For the fishermen this would bring notable improvement, and not only in the raising of the fish reserves but also in the water quantity.
Improvement of the database
Mapping, scientific, technical and administrative documents, etc. A draft of management plans for each project site is prepared. MedWet database can not be completed because GIS experts is not recruited yet (interruption of project activities) Project must resume and GIS expert employed. GIS software ought to be bought.
Field activities, development of management and monitoring actions Actions undertaken in the field, management and monitoring activities, surveys, construction works, infrastructure, etc. Final report of Hydrological monitoring is submitted. No management activities are undertaken because the project is interrupted. Project must resume.
Monitoring of drying up phenomena of pine trees in Llogara is done and a letter is send to the Directorate General of Forestry and Pastures. Also, procesionaria damager is still visible in pine trees in Llogara. Nearly 100 ha are infected from the black pine procesionaria. The situation is not good. And there are some groups of dried black pines. Fighting of the processionaria is a right action for the return in the normal conditions.
Training and network development actions Participation of local people in the project, in training, meetings and missions of national and international experts, etc. A training package is prepared on the project itself and management plans and will be delivered to the working groups. There are no financial resources to conduct the training. Project must resume.
Other actions Other activities not mentioned above

7. Comments: The process of preparation of management plans is delaying because we do not have the necessary financial resources to do this job. Also, we have not had technical support from the international expert.

Reason: A decision is not yet taken from GEF/UNDP in order to lift the suspension of the project, taking into account that the drilling activity has stopped.

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