Launching of the Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House website
A site for exchanging information on the coastal management in the Mediterranean is open!

25 March 2003

par Web Team

The Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) is pleased to announce the launching of its Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House. In this context, the Clearing House represents a place where information on the coastal management in the Mediterranean is exchanged. PAP/RAC has built this site with the financial support of the European Commission aiming to improve information on the Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) in the Mediterranean.

What does the Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House offer?
The Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House encompasses the following topics:
-  MED Projects Inventory
-  Funding Guide
-  Experts Register
-  Books, research reports & papers
-  Legislation & Institutions
-  Economic Instruments
-  Policies, Strategies & Plans
-  Tool Box
-  Links

Project Inventory provides information on the Mediterranean coastal management projects of the last 10 years, and a wide range of information related to and needed for a successful ICAM. On this web page, the option of submitting projects is available.

Funding Guide offers information on the latest calls for proposals, and provides a link to the NetCoast search engine.

Experts Register identifies experts with whom PAP/RAC co-operated in the past. In order to build a wide network of those involved in the coastal management, PAP/RAC has offered a possibility of being included into Experts Register. To that end, experts may fill-in the form, which can be found on the web site.

The topic on Books, Reports & Articles lists the documents and publications from the PAP/RAC library. Summaries of many PAP documents can be found on the PAP/RAC web site. The PDF documents can be downloaded, while hard copies are available on request. In the category BASIC, you will find the materials which are considered the basic literature on ICAM.

The topic on Legislation & Institutions addresses the main regional and national legislations related to coastal management, and provides links to the main regional and national institutions dealing with ICAM.

The topic on Economic Instruments is a link to GEF - PAP/RAC project related to economic instruments. Within the framework of this site, a data base on economic instruments applied in 12 Mediterranean countries is under construction.

Policies, Strategies & Plans provide a theoretical introduction to these subjects, accompanied by a number of practical experiences and links. This topic provides an insight into the need for ICAM, the importance of the existence of a politic will, and the role of policies, strategies and plans.

Tool Box presents an assessment of tools that can be used for ICAM. Tools, techniques and instruments are presented with the definition, description of the benefits they may provide and with the links to examples of using a certain tool, technique or instrument.

Besides information on the above-mentioned topics, the MED ICAM Clearing House provides special web features, such as a discussion platform, e-mail lists, a notice board, an on-line calendar of events and a help-desk.

Discussion platform is always open for exchanging comments, opinions and ideas, and your participation there is welcome!

With this mechanism PAP/RAC hopes to provide information, strengthen co-operation and networking among the coastal management community members, and provide assistance to the improvement of the coastal management in the Mediterranean.

Web Team

P.S. For more information : Mediterranean Coastal Management Clearing House website