White Paper: Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean
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6 March 2003

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This "White Paper" is the product of a thorough screening and analysis of a number of studies, statements, workshop reports and manuals, most of them elaborated in the framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP). It is intended to stimulate a lively debate around issues and policy options aiming at the promotion of Integrated Coastal Area Management (ICAM) in the Mediterranean. The document outlines the need for a "proactive" policy option, a strategic vision for the Mediterranean, and an Action Plan for Coastal Zone Management. In addition, if offers basic guidelines for proactive policy option implementation and presents certain key issues for the reader’s considerations and feedback. In the first part of the document are presented the main data on the Mediterranean and its coastal zones (historical and geographical overview; state of the environment and environmental problems; pressures and trends in the field of urbanisation and tourism; scenarios). The second part is dedicated to the initiatives and actions related to the management of the Mediterranean coastal zones (MAP, Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, METAP, EU Demonstration Programme, national initiatives and other). The third part deals with the future of the Mediterranean and proposes policy options and recommendations for ICAM and sustainable development.

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-  Source : The Coastal Management Center of the Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre.