The Euro - Mediterranean Partnership
strategic framework for programming the regional envelope of the European Community’s MEDA assistance programme
Regional Strategy Paper 2002-2006

1 March 2003

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The purpose of this Regional Strategy Paper is to provide a strategic framework for programming the regional envelope of the European Community’s MEDA assistance programme.

The Meda Regulation focuses on supporting the participation of Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Gaza/West Bank in the Barcelona Process, which is the cornerstone of the EU’ policy in the Mediterranean region- Three of these countries -Cyprus, Malta, and Turkey- are candidates for EU Membership; until their accession, these countries are entitled to participate in the Euro-Med regional co-operation. The Meda Regulation indicates a financial reference amount of 5.35 billion for the implementation of the co-operation with these twelve Mediterranean partners.

This Regional Strategy Paper focuses on the objective of promoting regional, sub-regional and cross-border co-operation between the EU and Mediterranean partners, and between the Mediterranean partners themselves. Some 10% of the available funds will be directed to supporting this objective as a complement to the eight MEDA Country Strategy Papers that focus on helping partners achieve at national level the objectives of the Barcelona Process.

The Regional Strategy Paper considers first the overall framework of the EC’s co-operation objectives in the region, and its regional policy agenda-the Barcelona Process/Euro-Med Partnership agreed in 1995 by the EU and the Mediterranean partners. While the overall framework for the strategy is determined by the Barcelona Process, the analysis of the political,economic and social context provides a more detailed justification, a sharper focus on the medium-term challenges for regional cooperation, and a sequencing for the implementation of the regional strategy.

The Strategy Paper then puts forward a MEDA Regional Response along five priority areas, selected for their regional added-value :
-  Making the Euro-Med Free Trade Zone a reality ;
-  Promoting Regional Infrastructure Initiatives ;
-  Promoting the Sustainability of Euro-Mediterranean Integration ;
-  Enhancing the Rule of Law and Good Governance ;
-  Bringing the Partnership closer to the People.

Thus, the MEDA Regional Strategy Paper constitutes a reasoned long term programme for the implementation of particular priorities flowing from the Barcelona strategy framework. The Strategy takes account of the Commission’s determination in the forthcoming External Dimension of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy to use Country Strategy Papers to promote a sustainable policy mix in the EU’s relationships with its partners.

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Download the Regional Strategy Paper 2002-2006; PDF file, 335ko. Attached to the Regional Strategy is the Multi-annual Indicative Programme for the period 2002-2004.

-  Source : European Commission