Status and description of the MedWetCoast Site in Lebanon

November 2000

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Ammiq protected area

Ammiq Wetland

-  Status

Ammiq is a private estate that comprises a swamp surrounded by agricultural land. It does not have yet legal protection as a nature reserve. The surface area of the fresh water marshes is around 300 ha. Aamiq is the only remaining wetland ecosystem in Lebanon. It is located in the Bekaa valley center of Lebanon. The wetland and the surrounding estate lie on one of the most important bird migratory routes on the east of the Mediterranean.

-  Threats

  1. No legal protection ;
  2. Pollution from agriculture activities ;
  3. Over pumping of the marshes water ;
  4. Hunting, overgrazing and uncontrolled human activities.

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (JPEG) Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

-  Status Tyre Coastal Nature Reserve is a coastal zone located near the historical city of Tyre south of Lebanon. TCNR has been declared a nature reserve by law 708/98. The surface area is 400 ha. It comprises a sandy beach; fresh water springs and agriculture lands. The water from the springs flows out to the sea thus creating a mixed fresh water/salt water environment. TCNR is an important nesting site for the sea turtle Mauremys caspica.

-  Threats

  1. Increased pressure on the reserve by leasure activities ;
  2. Pollution from agriculture activities ;
  3. High anthropic pressure.

Sites Protection through management planning

-  Ensure legal protection status of site.
-  Establish participatory management structures at local level.
-  Divert threats away from sensitive areas.
-  Regulation enforcement and wardening at sites level.
-  Intersectoral planning.
-  Establish pilot operations with local people.
-  Ensure compatibility with biodiversity conservation.

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