Quarterly Report
Albanian activities on management plan process of Narta lagoon and Karaburun sites
Period covered : October 2002 to December 2002

25 February 2003

par Web Team

The Albanian Quartely Report concerns the management plan process of Narta Lagoon, Orikumi, Karaburun, and Llogara (national park). It takes into account several activities related to the various technical processes launched within the MedWetCoast project finalized or under development. The process of preparing management plans include the following aspects : expected results, indicators, results achieved, problems faced, corrective measures.

Exemple for Orikumi, Karaburun, Llogara sites:

-  expected result: Improvement of the database,
-  indicators: Mapping, scientific, technical and administrative documents, etc.(Indicate the type of map or document, the title, the authors, the date, the main conclusions)
-  results achieved: Management objectives, priority management actions and other management actions are identified for each site.
-  problems faced: MedWet database can not be completed because GIS experts is not recruited yet (interruption of project activities)
-  corrective measures: Project must resume.


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