Palestian Authority Project Document
Wadi Gaza

September 1999

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This project is designed to complement the UNDP/GEF-funded regional project on the "Conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystem in the Mediterranean Region", hereafter referred to as the Wetland Project". Wadi Gaza, the only major watercourse in the Gaza Strip and one of the few wetlands in this area of the Middle East, has been the site selected by the Wetland Project for the conservation of its wetlands and biodiversity. The Wadi contains a large number of endemic plants, reptiles, and mammals, and demonstrates a strategic migration pathway of wetland bird species. Inflow of untreated sewage, pollution from upstream sources, wastes dumping, and construction wastes are major threats to the survival of Wadi Gaza’s biodiversity.

The Wetlands Project aims at building the capacity of the participating countries to conserve globally threatened and significant biodiversity within the framework of sustainable coastal development. It makes provision for biodiversity surveys, capacity building of the Palestinian Ministry of Environmental Affairs (MENA), the development of intersectoral planning body for the conservation and management of the Wetlands in Wadi Gaza, promoting environmental and public awareness on biodiversity issues and monitoring root causes of loss of biodiversity in the Wadi Gaza area.

In this proposal submitted to FEEM, is requested to enhance and rehabilitate the Wadi physical conditions which may hinder the conservation of its biodiversity. The implementation of this project would alleviate constrains on the Wetlands Project and assists in addressing the core issues of protection of the biodiversity in the area. The main activities of the project include, cleaning the Wadi from building debris and domestic garbage, establish a hiking trail around the Wadi for educational and recreation purposes to attract attention to the Wadi, design and implement a landscape plan for the Wadi and its surroundings, and upgrading the information center established by the Wetlands Project.

In parallel, and in respect to the main environmental problems affecting the Wadi, collective efforts of donor countries are being brought together by UNDP and MENA to find sustainable solution to the root causes endangering the Wadi. The Danish Government expressed its commitment to upgrade infrastructure in the Middle area of Gaza Strip, including the establishment of a temporary treatment plant to tackle the raw sewage problem. The German Government has committed financial resources for the establishment of a central treatment plant to serve Gaza City and the Middle Area (See Annex II).

The direct impact of these combined efforts will be, on one hand, raising public awareness and the sensitization of communities around the Wadi to its protection, and on the other hand show physical improvements to the status of the Wadi that will encourage surrounding communities to participate and protect it.ഊSuch developmental activities will promote the Wadi as a whole. Furthermore, it will contribute to the prevention of any illegal activities that could harm the environment and have a negative impact on the biodiversity.

Project Objective

The Main Objective of this project is to enhance the physical structure of Wadi Gaza in order to facilitate the conservation of its biodiversity and environment and to promote community participation and awareness of the Wadi’s status and in protection efforts.

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