Socio economic study
Socio economic analysis of the Lake Burullus

November 2001

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Burullus is one of Egypt’s most important wetland for wintering Birds. Lake Burullus also encompasses a wide diversity of various wetlands habitat, ranging from fresh water swamps and Reed beds in the south, to salt marshes and mudflats in the north. Sand dunes dominate the sand bar separating the lake from the sea. The marine environment is presented along the sandy beach habitat, and the exchange between the brackish lake and marine waters provides a unique ecotonal zone. Lake Burullus is located on a coastal bulge of the north central Nile delta region and was declared and established as a Protected Area.

In the pursuit of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency to protect endangered species and subspecies to uphold biodiversity, and to maintain environmental equilibrium, the Lake was declared by Prime ministerial decree 1444 in the year 1998, a protected area. The reserve is a significant site for migrating birds featuring one of the forthcoming bird areas. That is the reason why the protected area is one of the important bird observatory sites in Egypt next to the Zaranik Protected Area in north Sinai.

The main aim of this study is to collect the data that is related to the socio-economic and land use structure of Lake BURULLUS PROTECTED AREA.

The main emphasis of the study lies in the demonstration of human activities and its environmental impact, on the loss of natural habitat. This study yields to support the establishment of protection measures through policies to help the appliance of sustainability and biodiversity. In this response the analysis is concentrated directly on providing the basic data and point out positive as well as negative side effects of the demographic and socioeconomic development. The composed data should provide a first view of the local situation to help develop strategies for the new Socio-economic and Land Use Planning.

The main accent of the study lies in the display of major differences between the land use and the environmental impact, to mitigate the loss of natural ambiance. This study yields to support the establishment of protection measures. In this response the analysis has been concentrated directly on positive as well as negative side effects. About the protected area and the socio-economic development there is very little literature available.

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