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  Sunday 21st of July 2019
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Mediterranean Freshwater NGO Network for Capacity Building Electronic Bulletin - Issue No. 4
Monday 14 June 2004

In this issue:
1)Training opportunities
3)Network activities
5)Funding opportunities
6) Proposal - let’s get to know each other....

1)Training opportunities
The International Agricultural Centre will organize the International Training of Trainers on Wetland Management (ICWM TOT), in Wageningen (The Netherlands) from 27 September to 8 October 2004. The course is designed for future trainers in wetland management, it will be a mixed of lectures, fieldwork, technical and social excursion. Tuition fee is 2.100 Euros. Deadline for application is the 16th August 2004. More information on

Also INTRAC offers a course on Training the Trainer. This course is more general and designed for those NGO’s staff that are increasingly called upon to deliver training and presentations. It will take place North of London from 4-6 October 2004, and will cost 380 Euros all included (tuition fees, documentation, accommodation, meals, and excursions). To benefit from this price you have to book 8 weeks before. Our office will make available 1 travel grant to interested participants. More information on

2) Publications
A brochure on Wet School and Across the Waters is now available in French and in English. We will send you some copies.

Please, have a look at IUCN publication “Guidelines for management planning of protected areas” on
These guidelines, based on best practices around the world, may represent a practical working framework for people and organizations working on management planning in protected areas

3) Network activities
Electronic bulletin - As always, PLEASE, let us know about your current and planned activities. Information exchange is the heart of networking. For the next issue, please, send me information by Monday, June 21st

Finally, the compilation of an experts list has started. I count on your collaboration in order to have a first draft ready for the next bulletin.

Wet School - Wet School 2004 will be held in Ichkeul National Park (Tunisia) from 13-19 June in partnership with ANPE (l’Agence National de Protection de l’Environnement) and INAT (l’Institut Tunisien d’Agronomie). Participants will gain knowledge on FW and wetlands quantitative/qualitative pressures, IRBM as management framework, and key issues of wetland management planning. There will be 16 participants among which 10 NGO’s from our network (from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, and Bosnia Herzegovina).

Exchanges - SEO/Birdlife is hosting an exchange from 14-20 June. The exchange will allow guest participants (ARCE, ECAT, Green Istria and EkoMrezaBiH) and SEO/Birdlife to share their knowledge on advocacy techniques, wetland management, and ecotourism.

We have our NGO’s network on-line! Please, go to the updated WWF MedPO website on You will find all information about our capacity building tools and latest activities (see “announcements”)

5) Funding opportunities
It is our intention to prepare a project proposal to secure funds to the network beyond the three-years funded period. We are working on this by putting down some ideas, listening to advices from network members and keeping track of funding opportunities. The idea is to circulate a project concept to be discussed within the network. I would ask all of you to actively participate in this process. Any suggestion in this regard will be more than welcome!

6) Proposal
In order to work together we should know one another much better. In this regard, starting from next issue, we will present the people and, above all, the activities of our network organizations.

7) Links
Convention on Wetlands
Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat
Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre

Please, feel free to propose anything may increase networking among us !

See online : The MedWet NGO Network

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