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  Sunday 19th of May 2019
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“Eko - LŽvizja” the voice of Albanian Environmental NGOs
Tuesday 20 April 2004

January 27, 2004 with the initiative of Albanian ENGOs group is publicized first edition of “Eko - LŽvizja” newspaper. The editing of this newspaper is consequence of a long process initiated and facilitated by Milieukontakt Oost Europa - local office in Albania during it’s second program “ Environmental Organisations towards their communities”.

A little bit of history
It is attempted too many times to create forums which will lead Albanian environmental organizations, but always they have not survived or even function a day after the foundation day.

Last months is found a new key which might lead to the solution of this problem, in few words to realize the collaboration vitalization and enforcement of environmental movement. Amazingly this idea survived after the first meeting of 11 environmental associations, further developed at the second meeting and crystallized at the third one.

That is: Environmental NGOs can take over the continuation of the well-known publication “Mjedisi Sot” successfully realized for almost two years from REC and make it:
-  A stone for the development of the Environmental NGO movement;
-  A forum of their opinions for the sustainable development of the country;
-  A round table where they can present and improve their problems in this new period of environmental movement;
-  A strong voice for informing the society with their activities towards environmental protection and sustainable development;
-  Use it as a synergy and collaboration point of qualified mediation in the field of environment.

Starting from January the newsletter "Mjedisi Sot" will be transformed into a new body of the environmental associations entitled "Eko- LŽvizja" (meaning “Eco-Movement”). It will not be a newsletter anymore, but a real full colored newspaper of 8 pages A3 format; it wont be anymore impassible and careful on maintaining good relationships with all structures , but a sprightly and severe voice with all of them who ignore the environmental mediation, damage our and in the same time it will be kind to everybody dedicated to this patriotic idea.

Through this newspaper will be aimed the further enforcement of the ENGOs voice in environmental protection, enforcement of environmental policy and country development seen in sustainable development point of view. Being part of such environmental movement, the NGOs will tend to become strong factors in country live.

What will inform the public, communities and local governments will be served from a specialized staff of journalists through facts, realities and a easy and understandable language.

See online : Center for Electronic Communication

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