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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Regional action for Wetlands : a new MedWet/Tour du Valat publication
Monday 2 December 2002

New publication published in september 2002 by MedWet/Tour du Valat on the occasion of 10 years since establishment of the Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative.

ln February 1991, du ring the Grado Symposium on Mediterranean wetlands, the idea of a concerted regional action named MedWet - was born. This action brought together governments and non-governmental organisations in the region, and was supported strongly by intergovernmental bodies, such as the Conventions of Barcelona, Bern and Ramsar and the European Commission. Through a series of major projects, MedWet developed methods and tools for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and implemented them in many countries. ln addition, it established a solid network of collaboration, within the framework of the Convention on Wetlands, bringing together most of the major stakeholders in the region - the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee.

To assist similar regional initiatives in other parts of the world, this book analyses critically the first 12 years of MedWet, highlighting both positive developments and difficulties faced. On that basis, it attempts to draw lessons for the future and to propose a useful strategy for regional action in favour of wetlands. It is a strategy that includes activities on ail levels, from site management to national polides, that brings together ail sectors, that acts in the present but plans for the future. More important, it is a strategy built on friendship and respect, which cultivates collaboration in a systematic way.

This publication "Regional action for Wetlands, written by Thymio Papayannis is available in french and spanish.

See online : MedWet Coordination Unit

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