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  Saturday 06th of June 2020
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Fauna study
Ornithology diagnosis study of Narta area
January 2001, by Web Team

Narta is a wetland complex composed by many different habitats. It is bordered in the north by Vjosa river, includes Zhuka lagoon, agricultural area of Akernia, Narta lagoon and saltpans up to Zverrneci hills in the south. In the east the area is limited by Panaja hills while in the west occurs the Adriatic sea. The area has a surface of circa 10,000 ha. It has no protection status although it is considered as one of the most Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Albania (Casale & Bino 2000). Each habitat shelters different species of animals. Birds are one of the most important faunistical groups of the complex.

As many other Albanian wetlands, Narta has been rarely visited by ornithologists. Our former knowledge had been sinthethised in the articles of Ticehurst & Whistler (1932), Whistler (1936) and Kattinger (1958) which traveled in the area during 30’s and 40’s. They brought an exhaustive list of species with very few comments on their distribution. In many cases the authors describe species in habitats that were completely altered by man after the 50’s. Then for more than 40 years, Narta has to be mentioned only once by the ornithological literature (Lamani & Puzanov 1962). Crockford & Sutherland (1991) after a trip in different IBAs of Albania stressed the ornithological importance through figures of nesting birds, and they pointed the urgent need for a change in the conservation status of the area. Since their report, many surveys have been conducted, aiming either the census of wintering (Hagemeyer et al. 1994, Kayser et al. 1995, 1997, and Bino et al. 1996) or nesting waterbirds (Bino 1998, Zekhuis & Tempelman 1998). Those recent works bring new quantitative data on birds, give more information on the conservation status of the area (Bino et al. 1996), propose management measures for nesting waterbirds (see Defos du Rau & Bino 1998) and identify the relative national and international importance of Narta for waterbirds (Tempelman & Defos du Rau 1998).

-  by Taulant Bino, Museum of Natural Sciences, Rruga e Kavajes 132, Tirana, Albania and * & Nikolla Peja, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University, Tirana, Albania

Fauna study report
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