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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Flora and Vegetation study
Flora and vegetation diagnosis study of the Narta Area
Wednesday 3 January 2001, by Web Team

From the physic - geographical point of view the Narta area is belongs to the Myzeqeja of Vlora Region. It includes the area from the Vjosa Mouth till Triport Cape.

The area from the Vjosa Mouth, including Bishan-Novosela-Cerkovina-Panaja - Narta - Triport Cape and Adriatic Costa cover a total surface about 15 000 ha.

The area is characterized by the dominance of the coastal, alluvial plain, which lied along the low sandy coasts, often interrupted from the hill massifs of Dajlani (47 m) and Pllaka (81 m).

The Narta ecosystem includes, different types of habitats, where the most important are: Narta Lagoon, Vjosa Mouth, Salt marshes of Zhuka-Gryke Pishe, Sand dune, Mediterranean pine forest, Old flow of Vjosa and mud sand flats of the Dajlan-Zvernec - Triport.Cape zone.

The studies mentioned above, even current data reflect, that the Narta area is a very important zone, especially by the presence of special flora and a diversity of habitats. This is reason why this area is dominated by various plant communities. The flora and vegetation of this area is very interesting. It is very rich in plant species. All these plant species make up a great national asset with economic and scientific values. Some of them are extremely rare, some others have scientific values, most of them make up widely used economic groups such as the medicinal, aromatic, industrial alimentary and decorative plants.

-  by Murat Xhulaj, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania & Alfred Mullaj, Institute of Biological Researches, Academy of Sciences, Tirana, Albania.

Flora study report
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