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Socio economic study report
Human activity and resources exploitation in the area: Narta’s lagoon, Orikum, Karaburun Peninsula, Kanal, Sazan Island.
Partial Report
May 2001, by Web Team

This report is a part of the project implemented by the National Agency Environment on the management and sustainable development of the seaside lagoons.

The scope of the report focuses on specific issues of the project and it is entitled "Human activity and resources consumption in the area: Narta Lagoon, Llogara, Orikum, Karaburun peninsula, Kanal, Sazan island. The main concern of this report are the following matters: population terms of reference and population spread, migration, evolution trends, prognoses and preliminary conclusions.

The other part of the report analyzes as well the futures of the human settlements and social-economic development. The work for this report began in February 2001 according to the following programme:
- Data and information obtained from statistics, scientific literature, documents and cartographic records.
- Working team visits on site.
- Participation in the workshop held in Tunis on phenomena examination.
- Round table aiming at experts’ brainstorming on the objectives of the studying, held at the Geographical Studies Center.
- Interviews and questionnaires on site mainly focused on migration problems.
- Survey on site focusing on the evolution of environment features and land use patterns.

Several consulting meetings were held during the report development phases at the Geographic Studies Center. These meetings were also attended by the coordinator of Vlora Regional Office and were mainly focused on human migration trends and changes in the environment utilization map. The objectives of all four working teams were successfully achieved thanks to the coordination with the regional office which leade the experts during the visits on site. Nevertheless some administrative units are not entirely subject of this study. They are generally included in it due to the particularity of the data processed by the administrative units and due to the large-scale of human impact consequences.

-  By Prof.Dr Arqile Berxholi, Geographic Studies Center, Tirana

-  Working team : Prof. Dr. Arqile Berxholi, Demographer - Ma. Merita Dollma, Socio-geographer - Ass. Monika Xhaxhiu, Socio-geographer

Albanian Socio economic study report
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