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  Saturday 06th of June 2020
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MWC Albania: Improvement of the PA legal frame and the MoE/MWC press conference
, by Web Team

November 2004.

During last months the main focus of the project activities was the finalization of the management plans combined with efforts and contribution towards improvement of the regulatory frame namely for the approval of DCM on proclaiming Vjosa-outlet-Narta as Sea/Landscape protected area. Because of MWC and its partner’s endeavors, with significant support and coordination with MoE, on 17 October 2004, the GoA declared Narta wetland ecosystem (from Vjosa river outlet to Narta lagoon) as "Landscape Protected Area" by approval of the respective DCM.

This is a benchmark achievement of Ministry of Environment and MedWetCoast Project and a good sign of the Government commitment to the environmental issues. In this way, the project progress on improvement of the policies and regulatory instruments in support of wetland and coastal ecosystems management has contributed and played a key role for the approval of the draft DCM which has increased to 6.4 % the total PA in the country scale.


On early November 2004, MWC and MoE organized a press conference dedicated to the approval of DCM for designation of one of the project site as PA. It was proclaimed that on 17 October 2004 the Council of Minister has approved the decision that designates the site "Vjosa-Outlet-Narta" as Sea-Landscape protected area as well as defines the management patterns for this site (based on the State Constitution and on the "Law on Protected Areas". This is considered a remarkable achievement of the project in close cooperation with the MoE and other local actors. It was particularly addressed an acknowledgment note to the cooperation and assistance received by international institutions such as GEF and UNDP and cooperation established between the Albanian government and these mechanisms through MedWetCoast project, as national component of the regional initiative contributing to biodiversity and nature conservation of the wetland ecosystems.

The process, until final approval of the DCM, paid due attention and consideration to the root causes threatening the biodiversity on this site, it asked for several activities, round tables, workshops, involved contribution of lawyers, environmental experts, local authorities, and particularly community and local stakeholders involvement in providing alternative ideas as well as their support and commitment to this decision. In the meantime, it was unique experience received by MWC project office all the activities and efforts put to elaborate, develop, revise and finally lobby to state authorities for approval and implementation of this DCM (probably the first of this kind).

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