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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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MWC Albania: Carrying out the MP Process
Wednesday 26 January 2005, by Web Team

Carrying out the MP Process

MP Process Meeting

In the framework of the MP process MWC has organized several meetings with continuous efforts in exchange of visits and working tables including MP team, local stakeholders and experts particularly focused on hydrologic problems, priority management actions, development mechanisms for preparing bankable project pipelines, to be addressed properly in the management plans.

The process paid due attention to concerned user groups and their active involvement and input: local farmers, fishermen, experts, and the local authorities of the both project areas (Narta and Orikumi); discussions on the draft Management Plans:

in Orikum with representatives of the local authorities, farmer, specialists, representative from schools; in Narta -with the community of Narta village, agricultural, olives, waters and arboriculture specialists etc, meeting with fishermen groups of sea-lagoon communication channels (no.1 and no.2); in Novosela village -meeting with local authorities, farmers, fishermen, hunters, and Forest Service Directorate experts and several other local institutions and authorities like Forest Service Directorate, Food and Agriculture Directorate, University etc


Some of activities related to coordination of experts input and analyses of data and information gathered, adapting it and filling in incomplete elements of the first MP draft. MWC office arranged for TdV expertise during the whole process; part of this cooperation and assistance was focused also in key issues such as socio-economic and hydrological aspects pertaining to the project ecosystems. The expertise was formalized in three missions with TdV expertise on MP, socio-economy and hydrology, successfully ended by December 2004. Part of this expertise was also a study-mission report on hydrological aspects of the project sites and revision of the MP drafts.

A satisfactory cooperation with the project expertise on urban planning and socio-economic aspects related to MP resulted also in the second part of the contribution of GTZ/COPLAN in reviewing and estimating the relevance of all physical and territorial studies accomplished (or under process) to the MP process and MP itself. Also, due to cooperation with Vlora - City Council on urban planning issues with noted relevance to MP, there were received useful inputs to the preparation of the landuse, zoning, habitat and ownership maps of the project areas (part of the MWC work has been development of some thematic maps like land cover map, habitat map, zoning, combination /creation layers of the maps as per request of the MP national coordinators; this work included mapping of natural and historical monuments, irrigation network, the zoning maps and other GIS adjustments necessary for the project sites and combination of different layers in preparing descriptive maps)

Applying participatory approach to the preparation of MP and to the whole process, MWC has been receiving input and cooperation with all local concerned institutions, user groups, teachers, stockbreeders, youngsters, farmers, shepherds, Salinas experts in properly addressing respective issues in the MPs and properly addressing environmental related management problems (measures against fires in the forest areas, prevention and recovery measures to avoid pollution from the wastewater discharges in Narta lagoon, mitigation of the fire risks, feedback on innovative measures for avoiding water intake from the lagoon for salt production purposes etc. There has also been a coordination of efforts and activities with other local actors and donors interested in MWC activities such as with UNOPS through AULEDA on some common issues of interest while different local NGOs are invited to participate and receive experience through thematic training on ecotourism, PA management, natural resources management on wetland ecosystems etc.

Actually, the MPs for both sites are finalized and ready for approval after circulated to main related ministries. The 9th NSC and the 7th LSC have been addressing due attention to the presentation of the MPs materials supporting and endorsing these documents to be circulated to other line ministries before final approval by the minister of Environment. These meeting were focused on presentation and discussion of the management plans. In the meantime, MWC is coordinating with MoE and GDFP in establishing the PA administration, the management committee (Board) for the Narta -Vjosa Outlet ecosystem as well as commencing with implementation of the main prioritized management action in the project sites.

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