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  Tuesday 23rd of July 2019
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Briefing on the activities organized by MedWetCoast Albania on 5 June 2004 for the "World Environment Day"
Thursday 10 June 2004, by Web Team

5th June 2004 noted several events celebrating the world environmental day. In this regard MWC dedicated efforts in preparing some activities as part of the celebrations for this day.

(JPEG) - On this day, in the Orikumi city, the association "Laguna e Kalter" due to the assistance and support of MWC, initiated a city cleaning - up campaign. All the pupils and high school students, associated with other community groups, starting from 9.00 participated in waste collection and removal. This activity was attended also by the MoE officials and Deputy Minister Ms. Etleva Canaj, Project Director and Director of the Biodiversity and Nature Conservation and Mr. Zaimir Dedej, MWC staff, the Mayer of Orikum Mr. Beqir Kashuri and other representatives of local institutions (Forestry Service, Water Enterprise, Regional Environmental Agency, etc), representatives of the environmental association of Vlora, and great number inhabitants of the Dukati area. The opening speech held by a representative of the "Laguna e Kalter" association addressed the importance of this day and the active engagement of the local community to celebrate it. Also, the Deputy Minister of the MoE and the Mayer of Orikumi in their greeting remarks pointed out the role of state institutions in improvement of environmental situation and other management activities that contribute to sustainable development of the country.

- Another part of the celebration initiated, assisted and co-financed by REC was the "Environmental Competition" between the high school of Orikumi and high school of Dukati organized by the ’Laguna e Kalter’ association. MWC assisted and guided this association in preparing the project proposal dedicated to the World Environment Day and its implementation. This Environmental Competition aimed at increasing awareness among the school students for the environmental concerns and the development alternatives of this area. This was jointly perceived with their school curricula related to natural sciences and also to the materials and other reference materials provided by the MedWetCoast project. For the success of this activity a cooperation and close exchange of information was provided with the local authorities, Mayer of Orikum Municipality, other stakeholders and citizens. Additionally, both high schools of Orikum and Dukati did actively support the event and ensured participation and preparation of the two teams in the environment competition.

(JPEG) Association "Laguna e Kalter" in collaboration with the MWC prepared the questions, the pattern of the competition as well as the necessary materials and preparation of the teams. The questions and their background related to the natural, cultural, and historical values of the Karaburuni - Orikum - Llogara area.. From 1000- 1100 the participants and other invited people attended the competition through a lot of emotions and plausible support to the teams. Also the Deputy Minister and other authorities attended the competition. Even though the competition went through a very lively and challenging atmosphere, it was accompanied by the applause of the funs of both teams. The competition was moderated by an expert on environment education while an external panel of judges, comprised from education directorate in Vlora and experts of MWC conducted and estimated the answers of the teams.

According to the pre-designed structure of actions the competition teams combined the questions and answers with dedicated songs, poetry and humoristic prose for the environment and the environment problems in the area. Also, painting and pictures of the pupils with focus on environment were displayed and shown in the competition room. The competition had a strong concurrence given the good work and preparation of the pupils, making even difficult for the jury the point’s assignment. Finally the winner team was proclaimed only after the quiz question/enigma.

Some awards and attendance certificates were delivered for the participating teams and an Honor Diploma for the winner school.

(JPEG) The activity was closed with a cocktail in the hall of the Orikum Municipality. The cocktail was organized as an exhibition of the BIO products of the area. In it was presented different types of goat cheese, sheep cheese, cottage cheese, butter, honey, and eggs, all being natural products of the area. Each product had the name and the place of production.

- Another very important event was the promotion of the study on situation of the chemical pollution of the lagoons of Narta and Orikumi. The teachers and researchers of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Tirana carried out this study. It was due to a successful cooperation of MWC with REC Tirana which facilitated also the organization of this ceremony in Vlora. Deputy Minister, Ms. Etleva Canaj addressed the greeting remark followed by a brief presentation of Mr. Zamir Dedej for the relevance of this study to MWC project. The first speech was by Ms. Violeta Zuna - national project coordinator who briefly summarized the project progress so far and the impact of this study to other project components, particularly this finding and recommendations to the management planning process and priority actions to be taken. The other speakers, Mr. Alqi Cullaj, Mr. Vera Lazo and Mr. Besnik Baraj descried respective parts of the study such as data collections and sampling, analyses, laboratory work, synthesis of the results and comparisons.

Edited by Violeta Zuna, Project Manager

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