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Training networking activities
MedWetCoast National Training Focal Points Platform
Saturday 17 April 2004, by Web Team

As part of the programme of the Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) and in line with the recommendations of the Mid-Term Review, the networking of National Training Focal Points was launched in Paris, 17th December 2003.

Why networking the Training Focal Points (TFP) ?

- to catalyse the implementation of training actions at the country level (CEPA included),
- to optimise the circulation of technical tools helpful to improve training management.

Who are the training focal points ?

The networking presupposes that each MEdWetCoast national project has a dedicated Training Focal Point who can devote time and effort to the networking and has the means and resources to undertake some training activities at the national level, subject of course to the agreement of the project manager and project director. The RCU asked Emmanuel THEVENIN and Naïk FAUCON from Ateliers Techniques des Espaces Naturels to provide assistance to TFPs for these efforts.

The training focal points are :

- Eno DODBIBA for Albania
- Deena SADEK for Egypt
- Lina YAMOUT and Charbel RIZK for Lebanon
- Ali REGRAGUI and Sana JEMILY for Morocco
- Mahmoud CHIHAOUI for Tunisia

How it works?

1- By being informed of on what is done; Where? When? For who? By who?

- list of training intentions per country

2- By sharing resources to help into the practical implementation of training actions

- model of the occupational standards for TFP : eng or fr
- pre-training checklist : eng or fr
- publications (under construction)
- useful links (under construction)

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