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  Thursday 27th of June 2019
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IUCN publication
Guidelines for Management Planning for Protected Areas
Tuesday 13 April 2004, by Web Team

What is a Management Plan for a protected area? Why is one needed?

In simple terms, a Management Plan is a document which sets out the management approach and goals, together with a framework for decision making, to apply in the protected area over a given period of time. Plans may be more or less prescriptive, depending upon the purpose for which they are to be used and the legal requirements to be met. The process of planning, the management objectives for the plan and the standards to apply will usually be established in legislation or otherwise set down for protected area planners.

Management Plans should be succinct documents that identify the key features or values of the protected area, clearly establish the management objectives to be met and indicate the actions to be implemented. They also need to be flexible enough to cater for unforeseen events which might arise during the currency of the plan. Related documents to the Management Plan may include more detailed zoning, visitor and business plans to guide its implementation. However the Management Plan is the prime document from which other plans flow, and it should normally take precedence if there is doubt or conflict.

The process of developing a Management Plan may be more or less complex de - pending upon the objectives of the protected area, the risks or threats to these objectives, the number of competing interests, the level of stakeholder1 involvement and the issues arising from outside the protected area. Whether the plan is simple or complex, sound planning principles should be applied to guide the planning process and ensure that the completed Management Plan is a thorough and useful document. These Guidelines, based on global best practice drawn from many areas around the world, represent a working framework for protected area planners to consider and adapt to their needs and circumstances.

Source : IUCN Website

Guidelines for Management Planning for Protected Areas
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