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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Site management implementation in Albania
start up of the Management Plan preparation process of Albanian project
Friday 5 December 2003, by Web Team

(JPEG) On 19th November the MWC office in Tirana organized a round table with the national coordinators of the management plans with the participation of the project experts and GIS expert.

The focus of the meeting was the definition of the work plan specifics, the anticipation of the difficulties ahead and the best vision to face the activities involved in the MP process. The tasks assigned to each of the actors in this process were reviewed and the related specific were explained.

It was pointed out the clear responsibilities that each of the participants in this process should keep and particularly the full support asked by the local office in Vlora which will be also assigned with the task of the Site Manager until the finalization of the MWC project activities. This office is also in charge with the implementation of the tasks and other duties as requested by the MP coordinators. It was highlighted also the importance of a dynamic exchange of the ideas, communication among the team dealing with the MP, and progress reporting on the achievements of this process.

It was noted that part of the process and with a significant contribution will be the preparation and productions of the respective maps i.e. land-use map, habitat map, endangered species map and the zoning map. In this concern due attention is being paid to the provision of the necessary data and information form the sources of the Municipality and County of Vlora, which should mainly afford the needs in integrating and complementing the work done by the other institutions in developing urban planning for the county of Vlora (whereby the project site are part of); this information is relevant as well for estimating the mutual impact that urban planning or other tourist strategies these plans might have to the project site management plans.

The national coordinator of the MP of Orikumi area - Dr. Ferdinand Bego, asked for the throughout involvement of the local community by using different forms of communication and provision of their support. This would include permanent and established communications and share of information with the local offices in charge for urban planning, and territory adjustment and probably a reciprocal representation in the working groups.

The local experts and the local facilitators are identified from different areas such as local institutions concerned with the biodiversity issues, and also the local working groups in the areas concerned with the MP (Narta and Orkumi) are established. Initial meeting are organized with these groups and with their members for clarifying their commitment and input in this process. It was noted that some management actions are being defined (in cooperation with other active actors such as REC-Regional Environmental Center) and will be implemented along and as par of the MP process. This is expected to increase the effectivity and efficiency and would provide sustainability of this process (such as improvement of the environmental state of the areas, reforestation, training on park management, nature interpretation, environmental education, establishment of herbariums, supervision of rare species, and elaboration of reference collections)

As for the GIS component of the process, based on the cadastre data and other baseline information from territory adjustment plans and site diagnosis, the land use, habitat and endangered species maps will be prepared and comparative analyses will be performed. The zoning of the area will be carefully discussed with the local; communities and users in order to have a full support during the implementation of these plans. This work will include provision of the GIS software and other additional hardware which will enable and secure GIS products.

Some other meetings with the CoPlan representatives preceded this meeting. CoPlan is a national based NGO, experienced in assistance and know -how related to socio-economic and urban planning issues, affiliated to GTZ programe (German Programe for Technical Assistance).

In some of the meetings arranged with CoPlan leading staff, with the participation of the MP coordinators - Mr. Ferdinand Bego and Mr. Taulant Bine, was discussed and defined the way of integrating the socio -economic elements of the MP in the whole process. The GTZ perceives and estimates with high interest its involvement and contribute in Albania through certain projects focused on urban planning, socio-economic conflict resolution etc. In this aspect MedWetCoast welcomed the GTZ cooperation and particularly the CoPlan experience in such issues which will assist and support the management planning process by developing alternative scenarios for socio economic and territory development.

MWC office has programmed and already started thematic visits in the project sites which will address the problems in the area, community perception for this problems and initiate the strategic vision for the integrated environmental management of the nature resources in the area.

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