MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Omayed site management implementation
Tortoise Propagation Center
Friday 5 December 2003, by Web Team

Out of MedWetCoast’s efforts towards sustainable development and biodiversity conservation, particularly with regards to endangered species, the idea of a tortoise Propagation Center in Omayed protected area came into being.

An area of 80 m2 was prepared within the open yard of the protectorate’s administrative building. The floor was covered with sand from the protectorate, to provide the tortoise with a natural environment for laying eggs and hibernation. Rock from the protectorate was used to build shelters for the tortoise from rain and sun, as well as a wall encircling the center to protect the eggs from passer-bys. Furthermore, plants from the protectorate were planted in the center for the feeding of the tortoise.

Today the center houses 134 tortoises, most of which were confiscated from a tourist whilst attempting to smuggle them through Hurghada airport, Protected Area Manger Mohamed Essawy said. A log-book is kept for each tortoise, in which its serial number, weight and any changes in its conditions are recorded. A measuring instrument has been planted in the sand to record humidity, heat and light levels, he added.

Further development of the Center, as well as an increase in the number of tortoises it houses, is planned.

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