MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Regional report
Report of the third Regional Advisory Committee
Wednesday 19 November 2003, by Web Team

Session VII: Regional partner networks

The regional partners present at the meeting (MedWet, UNEP MAP PAP-RAC, WWF) voiced their suggestions, in particular with regards to the suitability and means to ’anchor’ the MedWetCoast project into the regional networks.

Mr. Kouvelis, MedWet regional coordinator, reminded first that the work of a committee like this is to set a clear vision but that the realization is up to the ’doers’. He cited a number of local partners that actually carry out the work: site managers, NGOs, the regional networks. He identified a number of regional institutions that could be in a position to collaborate with the project and support regional functions. With regards to MedWet, he underscored that this is one forum where political decisions can be taken and pursued. He also presented the structure of the MedWet team: the centers + coordination unit + observers. The team can assist in many ways: technical backstopping, communication support, support for mobilizing funds and resources - in that context, he cited the new Life 3rd country project for Alg/Tun/Mar. He further highlighted a number of other networks in existence that could be used for support: MedWet region, MedWet NGOs that will be launched in the near future with WWF taking the lead. Completing the picture, he explained that MedWet would be able, if requested, to make available the MedWet network as an outlet to ensure continuity of the MWC networking and that, if necessary, MetWet will be happy to consider and explore options to continue and maintain certain regional functions of MWC.

Mr. Trumbic, PAP-RAC director, reminded that PAP-RAC is a newcomer to MWC, although contacts had been established in the past but with no concrete results. In his views, there is a great potential for linking the activities of MWC and those of the MAP:
- there is a process in the region leading towards sustainable development, i.e. through the Committee on Sustainable Development created in 1996. This has to be considered as a potential link and reference point for attachment.
- PAP and SPA are the two centers most closely associated with the MWC objectives.
- Among its areas of work, PAP deploys efforts towards 1) ’post project phase’, 2) information and awareness raising, e.g. the clearing house mechanism - he offered to collaborate on this issue and 3) legal arrangements. In that context, he explained that the center is embarking on an important initiative, i.e. to prepare and adopt a regional protocol on coastal management. He mentioned that the EU has only adopted a recommendation for CZM but he believes it feasible for the Mediterranean region to adopt a protocol in that area in 2 to 3 years. Also he suggested that since MWC is directly linked to the coastal areas, there is indeed a clear and direct link to the work of PAP-RAC.

Further, he suggested lines of collaboration: 1) There could be benefit of integrating the MWC project into the network of MAP and 2) there could be direct support in terms of joint actions in relation to ICZM together with the colleagues from CdL.

Mr. Raffaele Mancini, WWF, explained the nature and functioning of the forthcoming MedWet NGO network.

Mr. Ben Moussa presented the excuses of the RAC-SPA for not being able to be here at that meeting and conveyed the offer of help and assistance from the RAC-SPA director with regards to implementation of the regional activities of the MWC project.

RAC3 Final report
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