MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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Regional report
Report of the third Regional Advisory Committee
Wednesday 19 November 2003, by Web Team

Status report of the regional MedWetCoast project

The Regional Coordinator presented an overview of the status of the regional component.

a) Institutional arrangements

The regional coordinator displayed a graph of the institutional arrangements for the implementation of the project. It is attached as Annex 10. She highlighted:
- the role of the RAC as a regional mechanism to exchange ideas and experience across the project components and guide the regional vision;
- the proposed establishment of a regional steering committee for the regional component;
- the desire to increased and fuel more horizontal networking across the projects;
- the modality of NEX execution for the national components;
- the proposed structuring of technical assistance from the regional partners (including TdV, CdL, ATEN and other relevant experts or institutions), i.e. through service contracts with the regional unit for implementation of RCU-led activities or directly with the national projects when responding to country-specific needs.

b) Financial overview

She presented an overview of the financial status of the project, highlighting that 1) the rate of disbursement varies but is much lower in the national components, the regional components having a 75% rate of delivery at the end of 2003, 2) the amount roughly available to the RCU for programming of activities (and/or extension) from now onward is about $260,000. Details of her presentation are found in Annex 11.

c) Upon invitation from the Regional Coordinator, representatives of the TdV, CdL and ATEN made a short presentation highlighting the support and inputs that had provided by the Regional Facilitation Unit since RAC2, through them. Mr. Jalbert presentation is attached as Annex 12.

RAC3 Final report
PDF - 79.1 kb

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