MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Tuesday 23rd of July 2019
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The Financial Instrument of Europe for the Environment
LIFE-Third countries : Commission funds 16 environment projects in Third Countries
Actions concerning technical assistance activities for promoting sustainable development in MedWetCoast Countries
Tuesday 15 April 2003, by Web Team

LIFE is open to all EU countries, some candidate countries (to date Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia) and some third countries bordering the south of the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea.

The objective of LIFE-Third countries is to contribute to the establishment of capacities and administrative structures needed in the environmental sector and in the development of environmental policy and action programmes in third countries bordering on the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea other than central and east European accession candidate countries.

- Technical assistance projects are eligible for LIFE-Third countries if they:

1- are of interest to the Community, notably through their contribution to implementing regional and international guidelines and agreements;
2- promote sustainable development at international, national or regional level;
3- provide solutions to major environmental problems in the region and the relevant sector.

Priority is given to projects which will promote cooperation at the transfrontier, transnational or regional level.

- The European Union has allocated over 38 million euros to LIFE-Third countries for the period 2000-2004. The rate of Community cofinancing can be up to 70% of the maximum cost of technical assistance projects.

LIFE-Third countries in action

Some of the projects recently selected in countries involved in the MedWetCoast project:


- Strengthening of the Palestinian Environmental Action Programme.
The project will provide technical assistance to the Environmental Authority, increase the monitoring skills of the staff and prepare a new planning cycle. It will also contribute to the implementation plan for the projects identified in the National Environment Action Programme, environmental monitoring systems, assessment of main industrial and hazardous pollution sources and their impacts, and development of an environmental evaluation system.
LIFE contribution: €319,095 (70.0% of eligible costs)


- Strengthening the environmental legislation development and application system in Lebanon.
The overall objective of the project is to enhance the environmental state of Lebanon through the development and proper application of necessary legislation. The specific objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of the institutions dealing with environmental legislation development and application.
LIFE contribution: €450,500 (68.0% of eligible costs)

- Technical assistance to reinforce governance in environmental tasks
The project aims to enhance the operational capabilities of the Ministry of Environment. It will contribute to strengthening the structure of the Ministry, improving the utilisation of human resources through targeted training addressed at upgrading management skills and capabilities, strengthening the corporate infrastructure of the Ministry and to train staff, NGO’s, and the consulting community, on all skills needed for effective mobilisation of resources and fund raising for supporting efforts that ensure fulfilment of the Ministry’s mission.
LIFE contribution: €425,704 (70.0% of eligible costs)


- Protection of biodiversity and water resources in the Moulouya River basin / Protection de la biodiversité et des resources en eau du bassin versant de la Moulouya The project aims to the sustainable development of the Moulouya River Basin (MRB), protecting the MRB against domestic and mining contamination, strengthening institutional capacity in terms of management and monitoring at regional level. The project will undertake various activities: a study on MRB biodiversity and polluting activities, strengthening the capacity of the Missour Centre for the co-processing of local wastes, establishment of a regional observatory of environment, research actions, EIA studies, and workshops.
LIFE contribution: €169,423 (48.3% of eligible costs)

- Wetlands Moroccan Centre/ Centre Marocain pour les zones humides
This project aims to establish a co-ordination and management unit for wetlands in Morocco named "Wetlands Moroccan Centre", based in Rabat as part of the Ministry of Water and Forests, Direction of Conservation of Forestry, hunting, fish farming and biodiversity.
LIFE contribution: €353,294 (67.0% of eligible costs)


- Institutional support to the Tunisian Ministry of Environment and Land Use in the field of environmental education / Programme d’appui institutionnel au Ministère de l’Environnement et de l’Aménagement du Territoire en matière d’éducation environnementale
The project aims to design a national strategy of environmental education and prepare an action plan to implement that strategy. It will undertake pilot actions in the field of environmental education, including adaptation of the existing educational methods and programmes, increase the participation of NGO’s and specialised associations in the implementation of the strategy and put in place the mechanisms of monitoring, evaluation and updating of the strategy.
LIFE contribution: €394,731 (50.4% of eligible costs)

Other Mediterranean countries

- Algeria: creation of an environmental information, awareness and training centre.
- Bosnia-Herzegovina: environmental action plan for the Bardaca wetland area; environmental management assistance to regional and local authorities; reduction of the environmental impact of industrial activity; assistance in the preparation of legislation to reduce pollution.
- Croatia: introduction of national provisions concerning air pollution and waste.
- Cyprus: preparation of a legislative framework for reducing air pollution.
- Jordan: : creation of a natural tourist park in Jerash province: environmental aspects.
- Malta: preparation of legislation to combat nitrate pollution.
- Russia: environmental technical assistance to the City of Kaliningrad; administrative assistance for the protection of the Baltic coast.
- Syria: introduction of environmental management systems (mainly EMAS) in Syrian businesses.
- Turkey: measures to improve air and water quality and waste management; programme to combat odorous emissions.

How to apply for LIFE funding

The new call documents for the 2004 projects will be available in spring.

- For information purposes only, you can have a look at the 2003 call documents for LIFE-Third Countries.

- Future LIFE projects will have to be closely linked to the priorities of the Sixth Environment Action Programme.

-  Source : LIFE Website

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