MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Tuesday 23rd of July 2019
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S’Albufera Project organize a training course in April 2003
Monitoring for biodiversity and environmental change
Mallorca (Spain), 13th - 27th April 2003
Friday 7 March 2003, by Web Team

The Albufera International Biodiversity Group (TAIB) invites competent volunteers to assist in data collection and monitoring for biodiversity and environmental change. You can access to the restitution report of the first training course in the same thematic field conducted by TAIB at S’Albufera in October 2002 by a click here

- Topics to be covered during the 15 day fieldwork will include : human and management impact studies ; biodiversity studies including fauna and flora survey with reference collections ; habitat descriptions, ecological and monitoring studies - transects ; park management; interpretation and education.

- Date : 13 - 27 April 2003

- Course fee : $ 400 per person. The course fee includes all course related expenses, as well as accommodation. Participants must get their medical insurance in their home countries.

- Deadline : 11 March 2003

- Venue : Parc Natural de S’Albufera. Mallorca, Baleare Islands.

About TAIB

TAIB Project S’Albufera is an intensive study of a coastal wetland and sand-dune complex in Mallorca , Spain . It was originally designed by Earthwatch Europe in collaboration with the authorities of the Parc Natural de S’Albufera. This led to the creation in 1999 of TAIB, The Albufera International Biodiversity group, which was set up to support environmental conservation at s’Albufera and more widely in the Balearic Islands through multi-disciplinary project work. TAIB comprises an independent team of scientists, drawn from the UK , Mallorca , Spain and other parts of Europe . Its main tasks are to evaluate the effects of a controlled management regime on biodiversity and the environment, assess the relative contributions to change made by management and outside factors (including climate change) and provide scientifically based guidance for conservation management planning. This is being achieved through the constant monitoring of indicator species, functional analysis of the ecosystem and targeted studies, often in collaboration with internationally recognised scientists and research institutes. In addition, the Project specialises in biodiversity training and invites competent volunteers to assist in data collection and monitoring. This allows the project to gather an unusually extensive data set at relatively low cost.

Wetlands and coastal dunes are under threat throughout Europe and particularly the Mediterranean region. The wetland and dune complex of S’Albufera is a conservation area, protected as a Natural Park by Balearic government decree. Its World importance is recognised in a series of designations, including Ramsar site (under the Ramsar wetland Convention), Eurosite and European Union Special Protection Area (SPA). Project S’Albufera aims, through an intensive study of the site, to answer the question: how can wetlands and coastal dunes be effectively managed to maintain biodiversity and their related economic, social and hydrological functions? The international benefits anticipated from this research include: the use of environmental sites as an educational resource; demonstrating the economic importance of wetland conservation through its hydrological function; acting as an indicator of change to provide a basis for sound investment and planning decisions; providing a data bank for comparative studies with other Mediterranean wetlands and coastal dunes; developing a World model site for the study of Biodiversity, in response to recent Man and the Biosphere resolutions made by the World’s governments; establishing S’Albufera as a station for monitoring environmental change and to provide the baseline from which future changes can be assessed.

-  Mrs Naïk FAUCON (Ateliers Techniques des Espaces Naturels)

Programme 2003
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Registration form
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