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The word Conservation Union news
Governance and Protected areas in the Mediterranean : the road to Durban
Monday 2 December 2002, by Web Team

-  source : IUCN news

A team of 34 officials and experts from Southern and Eastern Africa met last week in South Africa’s Golden Gate Highland National Park to develop an initial outline of key recommendations regarding creation and implementation of transboundary national parks in Southern and Eastern Africa. These recommendations will be addressed to a variety of forums (especially the SADC, EAC, NEPAD and national governments) through IUCN’s Fifth decennial World Parks Congress, to be held in Durban on September 8-17, 2003. IUCN-ELC and South Africa National Parks (SAN Parks) were co-sponsors this workshop which was primarily sponsored, organised and funded by the IUCN-WCPA Task Force on TBPAs and the German Agency for International Development (Deutsche Stiftung für Entwicklung - DSE, now a part of the new agency INWENT.) The intensive work of this dedicated expert group was facilitated and guided by a team of African and European experts in TBPA law and policy, including Trevor Sandwith of IUCN-WCPA and Tomme Young of IUCN-ELC. The participants based their work on background presentations addressing the manner in which key issues of PA management, law and policy take on unique characteristics and require unique solutions, when the PA crosses international boundaries. As part of its deliberations, the group was able to obtain first-hand information from official, residents and other stakeholders in the planned Maloti-Drakensberg Transboundary Protected Area, which will encompass protected, private and community lands in Lesotho and in several South African provinces.

-  Find IUCN ELP Governance Paper abstract here and IUCN Governance for Sustainable Development Position Paper here Link to IUCN World Parks Congress here

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