18 August 2005

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TAIB (The Albufera International Biodiversity group) announces its third international capacity building field course in 2005, to be conducted at the Albufera Natural Park in Mallorca this October. The subject is: ecological monitoring and its applications for Mediterranean wetlands and management.

Dates are: Monday 10th to Sunday 23rd October 2005

The teams comprise TAIB scientists working alongside protected area managers, personnel from environmental NGOs and others from the voluntary sector with an interest in ecology, biodiversity, conservation, physical geography or similar subjects. The courses are in English but TAIB scientists also include a good number of Spanish and French speakers so these languages can also be accommodated.

The Course fee is: 100

Note: this fee includes on-site provisions and accommodation costs. Shared accommodation is provided on site.

Applicants should write in the first place to Nick Riddiford, Principal Investigator TAIB at

Please include a curriculum vitae with your application.


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