Rabat Regional Workshop: Management Plan Peer Review

10 August 2005

par Web Team

The MedWetCoast project has devoted substantial energy, time and resources to protection and management of the 15 pilot sites in the countries of the project. A major component of this effort has been the preparation, development and, subsequently, initial implementation of the site management plans. Good experience has thus been gained in each of the countries, examples and case studies could be document and useful lessons reported on the process of management planning. Contributing to ‘knowledge management’ component of the project, the Regional Coordination Unit therefore launched in April 2005 a Management Plan Peer Review exercise (MPPR). The exercise will complement the final evaluation due to be undertaken in 2006. The MPPR exercise aims at :

-  a) documenting the process that has been followed and engaged in the MWC countries in the preparation, drafting and follow up of the site management plans (MP) and; at the same time,
-  b) consolidating lessons learned and critical examples on that subject. The final report will constitute one contribution to the ‘lessons learning’ outcome of the MedWetCoast project;
-  c) providing suggestions and recommendations for developing and/or finalizing the management plans for those few MWC sites that have not had a final and approved document yet and for informing the review process in the other cases; and
-  d) informing the future preparation or updating of management plan guidelines. As such, the report of the activity will be widely distributed (IUCN, Ramsar, WWF, etc).

S. GOYET, Regional Coordinator

Web Team