MWC Morocco: "Journée d’étude sur le thème « pour une gestion intégrée du littoral »

6 April 2005

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March 10, 2005

A national conference on integrated coastal zone management was held on 10 March 2005 in Rabat. It was initiated by the ’Cellule Littoral’ established within the Ministry of Physical Planning, Water and Environment (MATEE), within the framework of the MedWetCoast project that is being supported by the UNDP and the AFD. In his opening speech, the minister called for the implementation of a policy of protection and sustainable development of the coastal zones based on an integrated management approach that would allow all of the stakeholders to jointly agree on the necessary measures that must be taken to reduce pressures upon the coastal areas.

The summary report of the conference spells out a number of recommendations:

-  the need for a specific legal framework for the coastal zone;

-  the urgency to identify a relevant agency that would be in charge of coastal zone issues;

-  the call for improvement of the planning process of coastal areas;

-  the necessary support to authorities and local actors that are involved in coastal zone management;

-  the need to set aside land areas to ensure a better protection of the coastal zone.

The ’Cellule Littoral’ is now embarking on an ambitious programme of actions that include:

-  broadening the composition of the cellule littoral with representatives from a greater number of public and semi-public agencies;

-  a training programme focusing on two geographic areas;

-  a coastal law in preparation

Complete reportavailable in the PDF document attached to this article

Sylvie Goyet, Regional Coordinator

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