Organizing, Negotiating and Learning-by-Doing
Co-management of Natural Resources - La Gestion Participative des Ressources Naturelles

12 January 2004

par Web Team

This document (92 pages), provides a comprehensive guide-for-action of the use of collaborative management (CM) to help address environmental and natural resource issues. It is designed to assist facilitators and partners of co-management processes. It provides guidelines for multi-stakeholder management of natural resources and describes in detail relevant concepts, methods and tools. The emphasis is on practical approaches and advice, in line with the experience gained in field initiatives promoted by GTZ and IUCN. The test is accompanied by definition boxes, example boxes, checklists, annexes illustrating participatory methods and tools of particular relevance for co-management processes, lessons learned, tips for action and a list of references and suggested readings. Readers are fully authorised to reproduce this paper in part or in total for non-commercial purposes, provided the source is quoted.

This document is avaible both in french and english

Web Team

P.S. source : Natural Resource Management Programme Website